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Knowledge Translation | Training course proposal


In order to be able to offer you training content that meets your expectations as much as possible, we ask you to select all the KT training modules that interest you in the 4 key competence areas (skills).

For each skill, you also have the opportunity to mention other needs if necessary.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation !


= plan your research impact upstream by strengthening your basic knowledge of KT, developing your strategy, and choosing your partners.

Modules :

  • "KT theoretical frameworks" : strengthen your general theoretical knowledge of KT methods and strategies.

  • "Developing a KT plan for impactful research" : build an effective and impactful KT action plan from the start of your research (action plan, vision, target, strenghts, weaknesses, stakeholders in your project, ...)

  • "Building a network and selecting partners" : organize your network and choose your partners wisely; discover the benetifs of a strong research network.

Please select the module(s) that interest you the most (or any other KT needs for this skill).

= apply targeted strategies based for communication with your stakeholders, write your story in a logical and clear way, know how to structure your key message and your statement, choose a concise language in order to make your communication as impactful as possible.

Modules :

  • "Media Training : the basics" : learn practical techniques to prepare for an interview with a reporter and anticipate difficult questions.
  • "Policy brief writing and communication" : learn best practices for writing clear, consistent and concise policy briefs and guidelines.
  • "Developing public speaking skills" : present a complex message in a clear, convincing and attractive way in front of an assembly thanks to your performance and your slides.
  • "Digital communication : infographics, visualisations" : depending on the software(s) you use, strengthen your skills in developing your digital visuals to showcase your results.
  • "Social networks" : create and manage your media and social networks, articulate them. Make them evolve over time according to the projects.
Please select the module(s) that interest you the most (or any other KT needs for this skill).

= capture key insights from your stakeholders, involve and motivate stakeholders in order to boost their involvement. Share experiences, build a relationship of trust, and drive change.

Modules :

  • "Creativity and collaborative innovation" : learn how to frame a problem effectively and explore as many avenues as possible in a creative way in order to converge, as a team, on a single impacting idea.
  • "Collaborative leadership" : the ability to influence matters more than authority. The collaborative leader is one who is enriched by diversity and strives to build an environnement of trust, while being convincing. Therefore, strengthen your collaborative leadership skills, cultivate confidence and create cohesion around your ideas and your project.
  • "Coping with change : the golden rules" : discover the golden rules to prepare for change, react in time and anticipate it in your projects.
  • "Citizen science : participatory research and engagement" : discover how to mobilize citizens within the framework of your study and learn methods to conduct participatory research.
Please select the module(s) that interest you the most (or any other KT needs for this skill).

= bring the results of your research across sectors of practice and beyond the health system. This entails communication to the wider public and integrating knowledge into the societal context.

Modules :

  • "Political marketing and lobbying" : rigorously analyse the positioning of your project in society and discover, in concrete situations, the strategies to influence strategies social, political and institutional organizations.
  • "Science popularization and infodemic management" : strenghten your skills to explain your results to a lay audience, boost the impact of your research for the whole-of-society while fighting against infodemia, misinformation and fake news.
  • "Build capacity to promote, implement and evaluate Health in All policies" (module to be determined)
Please select the module(s) that interest you the most (or any other KT needs for this skill).
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